Ending sexual violence through Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Empowerment
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HOPE Works
PO Box 92
Burlington, VT 05402 

To get live, online support for yourself or a loved one
Click here to be directed to our Chatline

For immediate support
Call our 24 hour hotline 802.863.1236

To connect with a staff advocate
Call our victim advocate, 802.864.0555 x11, or email lucy@hopeworksvt.org (she/her), or
our youth advocate 802.864.0555 x12, or email jas@hopeworksvt.org (they/them)

To contact our Executive Director for general information
Call 802.864.0555 x28 or email cathleen@hopeworksvt.org (she/her)

To learn about volunteer opportunities
Call 802.864.0555 x13 or email samantha@hopeworksvt.org (she/her)

To request an educational workshop or professional training
Call 802.864.0555 x21 or email mercedes@hopeworksvt.org (she/her)

To schedule services or learn more about our clinical therapy team
Call 802.864.0555 x18 or email kristine@hopeworksvt.org (she/her)